A process of transformation, creation or combination. Hidden within the raw, organic clay form is the possibility for structure and permanence. A brittle, fragile dust and a solid, non-degradable stone all in one. Turning raw clay to ceramic stone is a mystical process of transformation. While studying ceramics in Ireland, I found myself admiring this process and how it can be mirrored in places and people. The cold alien city can dissolve into a warm comforting home. Something you love and trust can become hurtful with the slightest change of perspective. These forms made of raw clay were devised to utilize the rainy climate of Dublin. Each one was placed in a location around the east coast of Ireland, tucked away but visible to the curious passerby. The moisture and constant rainfall will dissolve the weak, grey exterior to transform and reveal the piece of permanence hidden within.


Various Locations, Dublin,Ireland, 2014